Justin Strode – Burn | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! Another Friday has come upon us, so as tradition demands it’s time for a new video! Today I decided to rip through one of my originals from 2019, Burn, from the album of the same name. This is definitely one of the more upbeat songs I’ve written, with a much funkier vibe full of brass stuff going on, while still keeping that heavy melodic fun stuff going during the solo. I actually had to rewrite said solo for this video, as the original recording (and really the whole album) was mostly improvised stuff that was never transcribed. Let’s just say that some of those spontaneous solos worked pretty well back then, but for this song, not so much in my opinion.

I think I’ll be doing more of these solo tracks over the coming weeks to try and mix things up with the upload schedule. The cover songs have been fun, but they definitely take a lot more work and time to put together due to the nature of the process. Because I strip the guitars out of the original tracks with an AI engine, it doesn’t exactly discern between single guitar tracks. It takes ALL of them out, and some of these songs are quad-tracked, so that can mean up to four times the work compared to doing my own tracks. Not to mention, I kind of know most of my own stuff so there’s less time wasted learning things from scratch.

Next week we’re gonna be going back to another cover, a little something by a band called Arch Enemy, so stay tuned for that. And if you dig the video remember to head over to the YouTube channel and check out all the other videos!

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