Justin Strode – A Place To Forget | ACOUSTIC PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone, we’re gonna be sliding back a bit to one of the earlier videos from a month ago, since I never bothered to post it here when originally uploading it. So, you know, here we are with an original song called A Place To Forget, taken off the EP Disaster Inverted. Opted to do this one on an acoustic, as it’s a much slower paced song, focusing more on ambience and emotional, err, stuff. It’s nice to break the pacing up a bit, between all the high-flying shredding stuff that’s normally put on focus here.

This video was actually recorded around a year ago, but got lost in the piles of unfinished stuff until about two months ago during the YouTube channel rebooting efforts. As a result it’s gonna look a little different than the others, simple stuff like frame rates and different lighting techniques, but all in all it’s still a decent video (if I do say so myself.) Also I have no idea what kind of guitar this is, my buddy Rob (whose been featured a couple times over at the Okzygen Studios page) loaned it to me for a few days to mess around with.

This Friday’s gonna be another original tune, actually the title track from one of my RPM albums, Burn. Back to the fast-paced shreddy stuff again, with a touch of of the funky vibes. I’m real excited for how that one’s turned out, so hope to see you again Friday! Until then, enjoy!

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