Lamb of God – Blacken The Cursed Sun | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the week again, new video day! And today we’ve got another Lamb of God cover, this time we’re running through the song Blacken The Cursed Sun. I’m still trying to find a balance and flow to how I do these edits. The last cover (Crystal Mountain by Death) leaned more towards solid single shots with just a few close-up transitions. This time around I had a bit more fun with transitions and multiple angles, even going so far as to label what sides each clip is representing (you know, hard panned left and right guitars). I do enjoy doing these kinds of videos more, but god damn they can take substantially longer to edit. I’ve also gotta say I’m surprised at myself for being able to commit so long to a regular upload schedule. I know it’s only been six videos in a row, but considering the last rate I was posting videos before rebooting this channel was closer to once a year, that’s definitely a step up.

I’ll be doing a bunch of new video recordings this weekend to prepare for the next few weeks. Got a couple covers going, probably a play-through of an original tune (leaning towards either Burn or Forever Out of Time), and possibly a restringing video for Eva, although still trying to figure out how to make something like that, well, watchable. At the least it’ll show just how frustrating changing strings on a Floyd Rose like floating bridge system. So maybe I’ll end up making some stupid faces or something. I dunno, I’ll figure it out.

Anyways, hope you enjoy today’s video, and as always if you dig it make sure to like the video and follow the channel on YouTube!

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