Death – 1000 Eyes | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! Hope you’re ready for some more metal, because we’re diving into another Death tune today! We’re ripping through 1000 Eyes in today’s video, a song that becomes more and more relevant as time goes on. We spend so much of our lives under the scrutinous lenses of social media perpetuating false notions of reality, portraying our concept of the perfect life for strangers to ogle over with mysterious intent. Countless hours are thrown away into the infinite scroll of your favourite provider of provocative insider knowledge of your closest frenemies, instilling feelings of self doubt and emotional dejection from reality. All the more we fear the idea of governmental forces trying to instill laws upon the internet, along with secret surveillance of your every move. To say these are confusing times would be an understatement.

But you can toss all those fears away by simply looking up funny pictures of cats online, because that’s what the internet was made for. Right?

Anyways, today’s video is a bit of an odd one. Normally I do both leads and rhythm guitars when doing a Death cover, but due to events that were out of my control (not really but whatever), I had to settle on just a lead track this time around. Like I state at the start of the video (which by the way, holy crap I’m addressing the audience for once), watch until the end to find out exactly what happens. Nothing too earth shaking, just an annoyance really. Enough to run the clock out of the production cycle by requiring a whole other day of shooting, which would mean no video for this week. And I kinda want to keep this upload streak going.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to keep updated on all the new stuff. Until next time!

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