Dimmu Borgir – The Sacrilegious Scorn | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re getting a little heavy today, with a bit of the old Symphonic Black Metal. That’s right, we’re ripping through some Dimmu Borgir, with their song The Sacrilegious Scorn. This album in particular I believe was my first foray into this band, and it definitely created a core memory so to speak. Hearing such brutal heavy music paired with such melodic orchestration interwoven changed my perception of just what metal could accomplish in the sonic spectrum. Also let’s be honest, it sounds like the embodiment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy into 48 minutes.

The video itself is pretty standard fare, a single take of the main (lead?) guitar track with some good old fashioned death metal guitar tones. Not very much in the way of effects, just a bit of reverb and a touch of delay during the solo. The music is already pretty dense, so aside from dropping the guitar’s in the original mix (with the help of lalal.ai) there wasn’t much room for extra creativity. May have flubbed a chord transition somewhere in there, and possibly a note or two in the solo, but eh, life is not perfect.

I’m hoping to change things up with the channel somewhat soon. Hopefully I’ll have the live room of the studio up and running shortly, which will give more room for fun stuff with the lights and cameras. Also will allow some full band jam videos to happen. I’ve been craving some band jams for a long time, and hopefully the crew will get together sometime in the coming weeks and jam some stuff out. On top of that I’ve been thinking of other video ideas to keep things interesting, probably some live improvisation stuff with some of the studio toys that are kicking around. and I’ve got an idea involving some very, very, VERY spicy stuff.

Anyways, you’ll have to wait to see what all that is about. If you like the video then remember to check out the YouTube channel and subscribe to keep updated on the new stuff!

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