Lamb of God – Walk With Me In Hell | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone, it’s time for another cover video! Running through the song Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb of God today, a track I’ve jammed for a long time as part of my warm-ups. Think I used to have another cover of this track online somewhere 13 years or so ago, but as was the case with most of my old videos all the audio was captured through some shitty little handheld camera microphone. So figured it would be a decent idea to revisit a bunch of the songs I know (or used to know) and redo them with some more, well, not shit recording techniques.

I’ve been messing around lately with multiple angles, adding a little more depth and dimension to the videos. Still gotta work on the lighting a bit and balancing the settings between both cameras, but things are definitely much better looking than when I started doing this stuff 15 years ago. Actually my very first video was uploaded way back in February 2008, consisting of a single image of my main guitar at the time (The Beast) and a two track recording of just guitars playing off each other. Things have definitely changed since then.

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