Tides of Eternity – New Song Available

Hey everyone! Like most of the world, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time lately hunkered down while we wait out the COVID-19 situation. It’s a very curious time to be alive right now, but we shouldn’t just sit idly by and wait just because we’re safe inside.

So I dug through some old files, started putting together some old tracks that were abandoned long ago, and over the next few weeks I’m gonna be reworking them all and releasing them when the time is right! And to start things off, here’s a brand new tune called Tides of Eternity!

This track was from early 2019, and must have gotten lost during that years RPM Project as focus shifted onto the album Burn. Similar in tone to the song Cave of an Infinite Moment (and similar conceptual title, completely by coincidence), this song is heavily inspired by the stylistic playing and writing of Joe Satriani, with a bit more emphasis put on some funky moments and melodic phrases.

Tides of Eternity is available as a free download, so go check it out along with all the other songs up on the Bandcamp page, including the brand new album Victims of Infinity! Expect to hear more new music soon!

Many thanks to Nick Strode for the photo, go check his stuff out too!

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