Somewhere Cold – October 2015

Hey everyone! I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be, because we’re less than three weeks away from Disaster Inverted being released! To help stir attention for the EP, I’ve recorded a play-through video of one of the songs off of it. You can check out the video on YouTube as well as the player above. I’ve been keeping myself busy here at Okzygen Studios the last few weeks, which is a nice change of… Continue reading

New Website #2 and Some Words

Hey everyone. As you can see, the website is looking a bit better now, full of content, songs, pictures, words, all that stuff that people like. I’m gonna be adding more as I get around to cataloging more of the music I’ve posted around the web in the last four or five years. Eventually I plan to have it all organized by genres, albums, bands, all easy to find right here. That has been the… Continue reading

New Website

Hey Everyone. I know some of you noticed a bit of a change in the last day or so. Well, I was looking at the website earlier and started to take in just how out of date it was, and that I had let it slip so far. So I’ve decided to give this thing an overhaul and rethink how I approach this website. Hopefully you’ll start to see more post on here, and of… Continue reading