Nopheros – Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo is the first album I produced with Alex under the name Nopheros. A heavily electronic influenced piece, this album explored many of the techniques used in the EDM and Dubstep genres of the time, with aggressive drums and bass synths creating the backbone for some overcharged and high energy synths, all placed within the upbeat tempo of high energy dance tunes.

This one was rather off the cuff for me, something I had never done before, and I figured it would be interesting for me to play around with the exact opposite genre I had been working with prior. The album was centered on the dub-step movement at the time, with elements from trance and EDM. Along with the standard set of drums, deep aggressive bass and biting synths, we included guitars and djembe in songs, and utilized a KORG Monotribe for good portions of lead ins and ambient soundscapes.

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