The Greater Good

The Greater Good took a while for me to complete, probably because I paid much more attention to the little details in the mix and composition. While going for a more early Rob Zombie kinda groove in the rhythm I opted to use a synth bass to keep control of the tonality throughout the song. Getting that and the guitars to sit right is what took longest, like I said with Too Far Gone it’s something I still haven’t quite perfected it.

The composition is a bit more structured than the loop based songs I had been making previously, which also explains why it took longer to finish. For a while it had been all about the moment, and crafting a scene around it to fit in a mood. But with working from the ground up, it’s about bringing a particular mood to life, making it real for the listener. But the emotion is still up for interpretation, it’s about what they can take from the song, and how you can deliver it.

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