Fall of Idols

One of the last songs written for Transcending Memories, it was around this time that I was experimenting with recording with microphones. I had a cool Audix OM2 that I had up against a Fender 4 x 12 powered by a Line 6 Spider 2. I know that sounded like a bunch of nonsense, and it kinda did to me back then too. Anyways, I didn’t quite get how sensitive these microphones were, or in the OM2’s case how non-sensitive. My amp would be set to like, 2, while the preamp on my TonePort was cranked wide open. So as you can imagine, the guitars came out kinda thin sounding.

This was still before I really had much care for the proper way of doing things and was just concerned about the music, so I let it all slide. In terms of writing, I worked a bit more on harmonizing the guitars in the stereo field, as heard in the chorus.

This song also had an accompanying video made for it, which you can watch below.

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