Disaster Inverted

Disaster Inverted

Disaster Inverted (released November 13, 2015) was created over last two years while working between various other projects. Covering many genres while keeping the distinctive sound of guitar-based music with an industrial twist, this EP goes through metal, rock, funk, classical, and all sorts of unexpected places.

The idea behind this collection of music was born from the death of a laptop hard drive, which forced me to recreate a number of the songs that were lost. Being given the chance to remake from the ground up allowed me a lot more creativity with the music, as it gave me more time to really experiment and focus on compositional elements. Most of the songs were actually created using a loop pedal and recording live (Somewhere Cold, Immortal Coil, The Sky Is Ours), but after losing the original files I had to piece them together note by note.

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Free Download – Too Far Gone

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