The Harbinger – 20.02.16

Hey everyone.

I’ve had this song kicking around for about a year now, and figured it’s about time I release something new. This is going to be part of a much larger project to come, which is part of the reason why I held back on releasing it for so long. I always try to keep my musical happenings under wraps these days, make sure everything’s just right before I release tracks unto the world. And this one took quite a bit to get to that point, and even so is still KINDA just a demo.

The song itself is one of my favorites in a long time, using influences from so many different genres. Classical inspirations are aplenty, with violins, double bass and a deep brass section towards the end. Also had some electronic bits poking through here and there, mostly on the percussion. Industrial vibes sneaking in throughout the song, and of course I had my fun with the guitars all over the place.

I’m currently in pre-production mode for this next project, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be hunkering down in the studio and doing the bulk of the recording stuff. Just gotta finish mastering Oglobs new album, Real World Land, which should be done in the next week or so. His album is really something else, super trancy and great vibes. I’ll be sure to share it here once it gets its proper release!

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