February 2016 – New Year, New Music

I’ve kinda fallen out of the habit of keeping this web site up to date. Not really a big surprise if you know how I’m like during these bloody winter months, I’ve not been a fan of them in years. Luckily this year hasn’t been so overbearing so I’ve managed to come up with some new tunes! Nothing solid has been completed yet, but I’m currently working on a number of different solo-based projects as I get Okzygen Studios ready for band recordings. The studio has been a much longer process than I had hoped for, but I suppose it’s not that surprising being this a solo venture, much like many of the other projects I get myself wrapped in.

As for this new track there, I’ve started working just in Pro Tools a lot more lately and it’s been very helpful to get me away from relying on synthetitcs to create the back bone of my music. Sure, I’m still using sampled drums and other bits of synths here and there, but because PT isn’t the best program to write mass amounts of  MIDI in, it’s really making me focus on the live instruments instead. I’ve also recently started working with Slate Digital programs, such as the SSD4 Drum Sampler and their entire line of plugins, and they’ve made a world of difference in the quality of mixes and the speed of which I’m able to work now.

Anyways, even though I haven’t posted much lately, just wanted to make this a quick one, let you know I’m not dead yet, and there’s going to be a lot more music to come once the weather starts to suck less and I get caught up on other “real world” responsibilities.

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