In The Gentle Breeze – 25.11.15

I’ve been trying a more minimal approach to the way I jam out some songs lately, trying to make it just about the guitar instead of bringing in any outside elements. This song, In The Gentle Breeze, is just an example of that, and is something I’m going to be trying to do more of as (eventually) part of my song-a-day project. Which I will be undertaking in the new year if all goes as planned. I’m going to be focusing mostly on music based around my loop pedal setup, while experimenting with my KORG Monotribe and a couple other gadgets kicking around.

As for this video, I spent a bit of time experimenting with different microphones to get a good tone, and I settled on a mixed pair of an SM57 with a Rode M3, a cool cigar like condensor microphone I’ve mostly been using for drum mics. This combo gave the tone a nice clean feeling, keeping the bottom end tight while leaving the highs spacious and not too shrill. I’ve tracked some metal tones with this setup as well and gotta say it just kills with heavy guitars. Been working on a new extreme metal song lately, and you’ll hear this microphone setup on that track once I get around to laying down the guitars.

On a side note, I noticed just how fuzzy the main shot is in the video above, which is a problem I’ve been fighting for the last few videos now. I’m gonna be trying some different things (like not relying on the shitty auto-focus option) in the next couple videos and hope it gets figured out. I’m still figuring out the lighting situation in here as well, but as long as I record sometime during daylight hours it doesn’t look too bad.


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