Discontent – 17.11.15

So I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of making YouTube videos, and in particular composing some small scale songs specifically for uploading to these social sites. This way I can keep releasing music for free while I also spend time composing albums and recording other bands. You know, because I run a recording studio as well (www.okzygenstudios.com). The websites pretty messed up right now, but I’ll be spending some time working on that soon.

Anyways, this video started out with my KORG Monotribe, recorded a couple drum patterns and cut them up, panned them and ran them through some distortion to add some beef. The bass was tracked on top, going into an Alesis 3632 for light compression, then through some overdrive. As with the guitar, I was going for a more laid back Satriani approach with this song, keep it simple but fun. Also been trying to work in some more key changes lately, in particular during the solos. I’ve noticed it’s been lacking lately in my material, gonna try and work on that more in the future.

As for the future I’m gonna be recording a local extreme metal act in the next couple of weeks, something I’m really excited to do being the giant metal head that I am. I’ve also started writing out some more metal tunes in the last few days, and hopefully after the Cryptelisk recordings are done I can start on tracking a couple of those songs. The other band that I recorded last month have also gotten their tracks, I’m just waiting on them to upload so you guys can hear them. Check back in the next couple days and they should be here. It was a rather fun project to work on, very Queens Of The Stone Age sounding group, and they allowed me a good chunk of creative say, so I’m really excited to share those mixes.

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