Disaster Inverted – Available Now!

Disaster Inverted is now available worldwide! It’s been an exciting year working on this EP, and it’s finally culminated to this final product! You can use the widget in this post to listen to all the songs before you buy the EP. At only $5, it’s less than most peoples daily coffee budget (myself included) and is just as invigorating, so there’s no reason not to buy it!

And as an extra bonus, I’m giving away a free download of one of my songs! Too Far Gone was originally slated to be released with this EP, but was eventually scrapped due to time constraints and having lost too much of the original files to really give it a proper mix. So now it’s free! Just click the link below to download the track!

Too Far Gone – Free Download!

I also wanted to thank you (yes you) for spending your time with me as I moved towards this goal, as it’s always been about you. Music has always been described as something personal for the artist, their means of expressing themselves through spoken words, melodies, harmonies and atmosphere, it’s a vessel to which the viewer has a glimpse into the soul of the creator. My work has always been about self expression on a harmonic scale, to convey emotions without the use of words. Spoken words have never been my strong spot, but the deliverance of an idea, a feeling, a reminder of a time gone by without speaking, has been my main goal in this musical journey. And I hope you can find your Place To Forget at the end of it all.

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