Somewhere Cold – October 2015

Hey everyone! I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be, because we’re less than three weeks away from Disaster Inverted being released! To help stir attention for the EP, I’ve recorded a play-through video of one of the songs off of it. You can check out the video on YouTube as well as the player above.

I’ve been keeping myself busy here at Okzygen Studios the last few weeks, which is a nice change of pace from usual. Aside from all the promo for Disaster Inverted I’ve been working on, the studio will be making a mobile stop out in Millbrook tomorrow to record a new(ish) band. We’ll be tracking the drums and possible the bass, then bringing the rest of the material back to the home base to flesh things out even more. More info and some pictures will follow in the next little while.

Speaking of Okzygen, the sister website for my own page here ( is going through some changes. Right now it’s kinda locked me out of the site, so I’m gonna be revamping the entire thing. Over the next few days I’ll be collecting some pictures, samples, songs, text, and anything else “media” that I can and start constructing the new site. Once it’s done I’ll drop the link, and Okzygen Studios will finally have a new home on the interwebs.

That’s all for now, I’ll catch you in the next update.

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  1. excellent Justin it was very very good I loved it

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