Riffage: Disaster Inverted

Hey everyone, got a new video for ya. I go through one of the riffs you’ll find on Disaster Inverted, and talk a bit about the future plans for the channel as well as the EP itself.

I’ve decided to kinda overhaul my social media, and a big part of that is my YouTube channel, which over the years has suffered quite a bit due to my inactivity. So over the next few weeks I’m going to creating videos of different types, things like riffs I’ve been using and breaking them down, tutorial videos such as changing strings on a classical guitar (which I’ll hopefully be doing next), and in a couple of weeks I’ll be recording some live play-throughs of songs off the new album, so keep an eye out for those.

Speaking of the new EP, Disaster Inverted is complete! I’ve sent it off to CDBaby for distribution and once I’ve decided on a release date I’ll drop all the links on where you can get it. As for local Peterborough people, I’ll most likely have some copies available at Moondance Music on George Street, and probably a couple other places around town, eventually I’ll have a full list of local shops that carry it.

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