September 2015 – Okzygen, Oglob and the New Albums

It’s been about a month since my last post, and it’s been a busy one. As of right now, I’m rendering out a master copy of Disaster Inverted. Gonna be spending the next few days listening to it and tweaking the master, but aside from that the 5 song EP is complete! In the next week or so I will be picking a release date and getting it ready for sale here on the website and through a bunch of different places. Afterwards I’ll be looking into getting a couple local shows for those here in Peterborough, then see where that leads me.

I’ve also been involved with mastering an album from a good friend, Alex Biro, or better known as Oglob. The album is all sorts of electronic goodness, with a lot of down-tempo and psytrance elements. Also featuring a guitar solo from yours truly, which was rather different from my normal stuff but rather fun to do. Gonna try and have this album wrapped up in a couple of weeks, until then go check his stuff out on Facebook and SoundCloud for more info!

Other than that, the new Okzygen Studios is almost ready for business! Just waiting on a couple of new pieces of gear (new MIDI controllers, mic stands and some sound treatment panels) and the place will be ready to record! The new setup is more designed for solo acts and small bands to really focus on their performance in a relaxed environment, with access to an organ, multiple guitars and amps, pedals, microphones and a large collection of in-the-box effects using Ableton Live 9 and Pro Tools 11. Just waiting on the earlier mentioned gear so I can get some more pictures of the place and completely update the Okzygen Studios web page. Until then, you’ll just have to be satisfied with this picture.

Okzygen Studios September 3 2015

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