New Places, New Beginnings – August 2015

It’s been a little bit since my last post. Been doing a lot of running around, keeping myself busy. Had to move to a new place this month and we’re still in the process of getting settled. The new studio is starting to shape up, the walls have been painted, the desk and rack units are close to completely set up, the amps are all moved in and the guitars are hung on the walls. Just have a few more aesthetic things to take care of, still need to tune the room in terms of the acoustics, and I gotta find a couch because let’s face it, sitting is awesome.

Since things are still rather haggard over here I really don’t have much in terms of new music to show off, and it may be a bit longer until I have something presentable. This move has really put me behind schedule for releasing new music, but I’m hoping by the end of this month I’ll have something to show. I’ll post some pics of the nearly finished studio sometime soon, next week or so.

It also seems I’ll be having a lot more free time to work on solo music in general. Don’t want to go too far into detail but as it would seem the metal band I was working with for the last while has fallen apart. We had a few tracks written and recorded, and maybe one day they will see the light of day. But as of now, the unnamed band is no more, and we all have plans to part ways for now and see what the future holds for us. We’re still all good buds and whatnot, just one of those “circumstantial” issues that need to be resolved.

I know there’s not much substance to this post, but felt like something needed to be said about my absence and the future state of the music. Rest assured, things will start to return to normal soon enough.

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