The Welcoming Sound Of Ice (July 2014)

It seems I’ve gone and made another video. After that last one, I started feeling good about the new things I’m able to do with my video program of choice. And I kinda enjoyed how the song itself turned out too I guess. So last week I sat down and started working on a new song, based around looping a few guitar pieces, creating a layer of atmospheric sounds, and then took it from there. I only remembered to record video for the bass and lead guitars, but the rest of it was mostly looping or short pieces of rhythm, so you’re not missing out on much.

4PAN1TAs of late, work is moving along on the new albums, which includes a 6 song EP titled Disaster Inverted, featuring the song above. This EP is an exercise in repetition in music, based mostly on songs I’ve created using a loop pedal and array of effects on the guitar. These songs were then brought back into the studio to have other elements added, such as drums, bass, synths, all those fun extra bits that tie together a piece. I’m hoping to have the album out by the end of summer, which isn’t too far off it seems.

I’ll talk more about the album in the next few posts, might even have another song to play from it. Until then, go check out the video above for the song The Welcoming Sound Of Ice and share the word!

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