Immortal Coil and The Monotribe (July 2015)

Apparently I can make videos much quicker than I used to think. This is the third video in about 3 weeks time, and hopefully this keeps up the way it’s going. The new one (you know, the one up there above) is a simpler video, showing off the KORG Monotribe as I lay down a track for the new version of Immortal Coil. The Monotribe is this cool little analog ribbon synth that has a lot of sonic potential. It’s used a lot for ambiance background drones, sci-fi sound effects, and it’s very good at creating an underlaying rise sound. In the near future I hope to actually make a video dedicated to this synth, so I’ll hold off on too many details.

The StudioAs for the song, this one was actually released a little while back with a performance video. I’ve decided to completely rerecord this song and two others for the new EP to bring them up to a certain level of quality. The original song files were lost due to a hard drive failure back around December 2014, so I had no other choice but to redo these tracks from the ground up. This gives me a bit more freedom in the mix anyways, as before all the guitar parts were recorded in one take all as one using a loop pedal. Great for playing live, terrible for mixing. If you wanna check out the original video you can find it here.

Anyways, I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do for the next EP, so we’re gonna have to cut this update here. Check back soon for some new stuff, gonna try and get some gear videos happening in the next few weeks.

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