New Website #2 and Some Words

Hey everyone.

As you can see, the website is looking a bit better now, full of content, songs, pictures, words, all that stuff that people like. I’m gonna be adding more as I get around to cataloging more of the music I’ve posted around the web in the last four or five years. Eventually I plan to have it all organized by genres, albums, bands, all easy to find right here. That has been the goal of this website for a while, and it’ll be nice to see it fully implemented across the website using all the methods I’ve uploaded music, from YouTube to SoundCloud and others.

In StudioIn the last post I had mentioned that I would be using this site more frequently, with more posts and updates on music and studio happenings. Kinda like a blog. Ok exactly like a blog. Well in the next few weeks I will be finishing up the writing for my next album and start the recording process in full, so there will be opportunity to really explore new sonic capabilities and experiment with different recording techniques. I hope to be able to provide insight into how things are done from a recording engineers perspective, while being able to discuss tactics and learn from others who have experience. I also plan on showcasing any other talented artists who choose to record with me, and give some behind the scenes info on how we produced their music.

The summer schedule is gonna be a busy one, with a couple of different albums to come accompanied by a few small scale performances. Check back in the near future for more…

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