Megalomaniac – New Album March 2018

So It’s been a bit since my last post, and there have been some changes and events since then. Let’s start out with some new music first. About a month ago I took up the Record Production Month challenge, where one is supposed to record and release an album in February. A few days ago I finished the project and released Megalomaniac! It was a fun little project and something that I feel a bit… Continue reading

May’s End, 2015

Hey everyone, thought I’d make another update to round off the month. The website’s still growing, as I slowly collect all the pieces of music and productions I’ve made and collect them together. It’s been interesting to say the least, going back to all my old recordings, listening back and thinking to myself, why did I ever allow these creations to be heard by anyone else in their current state. But this journey along time… Continue reading

New Website

Hey Everyone. I know some of you noticed a bit of a change in the last day or so. Well, I was looking at the website earlier and started to take in just how out of date it was, and that I had let it slip so far. So I’ve decided to give this thing an overhaul and rethink how I approach this website. Hopefully you’ll start to see more post on here, and of… Continue reading